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Kristina Howard was born and raised in St. Mary’s County. She graduated from Chopticon High School in 2010. In high school, she was dedicated to playing soccer and running track. When she isn’t busy taking naps, she spends most of her time on a softball field. On weekends, she enjoys going to the race track to watch her step brother and boyfriend race. Her favorite place to eat is Salsas Mexican Restaurant. Kristina has been a GNA since December and is currently working towards becoming an RN. She looks forward to her future in the medical field.

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Jack O’Brien was born October 7th, 1964 and grew up in Westminster, Pennsylvania. He was the youngest child out of three children. Jack completed William Tennent High School in 1983. Although he never worked, he kept busy completing puzzles, taking pictures, swimming, and helping with chores around the house. He moved to Maryland in 2007 to live with his sister, Kathy, her husband Emil, and their two children, Joe and Nicole. His gentle nature quickly made him the favorite of their two cats–Mini and Delilah. He loves music–-especially Country and Patriotic tunes. Jack has always been a sports fan. He loves the Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, and 76ers. While in Maryland, he participated in the Special Olympics, 2009-2012, winning numerous Gold and Silver medals in Bocce Ball. He also enjoyed bowling every Saturday. He attended dances at the Center for Life Enrichment and was always last to leave the dance floor! He attended the Adult Medical Day Care Center in Hollywood where he made many friends before transitioning to Chesapeake Shores.

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Bill Cranmer was born in Walter Reed, California. He lived with his mother and brother and when he was four his family then moved to California, Maryland. His roots sprouted in the Southern Maryland area where he mostly grew up and even eventually raised a family of his own. He graduated from Whittier College out of California (the state), where he gladly informed us Richard Nixon also graduated from. After graduating college he came back to his roots in Southern Maryland.

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Tamara Baker was born and raised in Lexington Park, Maryland. She attended Patuxent High School and graduated in 2004. Tamara then decided, with her caring personality and following in her mother’s footsteps, that becoming a GNA would be a wonderful experience. She attended Calvert Nursing Center taking CNA certification classes while working in private care. She enjoys caring for her elders every day.

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Kayla Hanson was born in Alexandria, Virginia, and moved to Calvert County when she was two years old. Shortly after, her brother Vance was born. She attended local public schools and graduated from Patuxent High School. Growing up, Kayla played on co-ed soccer and baseballs teams, and played on an all girl basketball team. She even played on the high school softball team. Kayla also took karate classes for about four years, and made it all the way to a brown belt with a black stripe. Unfortunately, she had to leave for college before she was able to test for her black belt.

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Gary Travers was born and grew up in Draden, Maryland. During his childhood, he enjoyed spending time with his mother, father, three sisters, and one brother. He says that he was very close with them. Gary enjoyed playing soccer and basketball as a child. Although Gary never married or had children, he has a lot of family and friends that he keeps close with. His aunt is also a resident here, and he visits with her almost daily.

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Robin Foderetti was born in Ohio, but has lived in Maryland for 23 years. She has been a member of the Chesapeake Shores team for 20 years. She is very fortunate to do something she loves. She expresses that working with seniors is her passion and purpose in life.

Robin always ensures her residents they have a meaningful and a purposeful life. She loves and cares for all the residents here and works hard daily to show that her care and love towards them. In her free time she enjoys being outdoors, interacting with animals , and gardening. Robin was elected stakeholder of the month during resident council. Please congratulate Robin for being our council elected “May Stakeholder of the Month.”

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Mary Barnes was born in South Carolina and raised here in Southern Maryland. She grew up with six brothers and one sister. She attended local schools until the tenth grade, when she stopped to help her sister with her kids.

Mary enjoyed fishing with her father as a child, and has many other fond memories of growing up. She later married Richard J. Barnes in 1957, and took in his two children as her own. Aside from her step-children, Mary never had her own children. She worked as a telephone operator and as a cashier at Pax River Naval Base. She was also very active in her church, and still is to this day.

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