May Resident of the Month: Mary Barnes


Mary Barnes was born in South Carolina and raised here in Southern Maryland. She grew up with six brothers and one sister. She attended local schools until the tenth grade, when she stopped to help her sister with her kids.

Mary enjoyed fishing with her father as a child, and has many other fond memories of growing up. She later married Richard J. Barnes in 1957, and took in his two children as her own. Aside from her step-children, Mary never had her own children. She worked as a telephone operator and as a cashier at Pax River Naval Base. She was also very active in her church, and still is to this day.

Mary has nothing but wonderful memories of her husband, Richard, who has since passed. To her, he was a great husband. They did everything together. They even wore matching clothes when going out. Mary and Richard also vacationed every summer together.

Mary thinks Chesapeake Shores and the staff here are wonderful, and she says she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. She also thinks her roommate, Peggy, is the sweetest person and is so thankful to have her with her. Mary was elected Resident of the Month during resident council. Please congratulate Mary for being our council elected “May Resident of the Month.”