December Resident of the Month: Ernest Armstrong


Ernest Joseph Armstrong was born on May 25, 1918 in Bushwood, Maryland. He has ten brothers and five sisters, and he attended Fenwick School. In 1943 he married the love of his life, Margaret Emily. They have been married for 71 years and have been blessed with 11 children: Joseph, Edmund, Frances, Kenny, Charles, Roberta, George, Rita, Mary, Amanda, and Annie. He has four son-in-laws and one daughter-in-law. They have 16 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren, and most recently a great great grandson.

Mr. Armstrong has been in touch with nature all his life through farming and gardening. In addition to gardening, he enjoys family get-togethers, Fats Domino music, jigsaw puzzles, bingo, watching game shows, and collecting baseball hats. His natural diet is a testament to his good health as he grows his own food and his wife cooks it.

He is famous for his amazing vegetable garden, which includes green beans, tomatoes, cabbage, beets, potatoes, onions, corn, kale, and many other vegetables and fruits (like strawberries). On his farm he has apple trees, cherry trees, pear trees, and walnut trees.

When people ask him what is his secret to looking so good at age 96, he says, “If you live right and treat other people right, God will take care of you.” He’s been a devoted member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church all his life, and he reads bible verses and says his prayers daily. He has worked hard all his life on the farm and in tobacco fields, and he has always been a friendly, calm, quiet, polite gentleman.

His love for his family, love for farm life, and strong faith in God have all contributed to Mr. Armstrong living a full life in mind, body, and spirit. This is why it is an honor that he is nominated resident of this month. Ernest was elected Resident of the Month by residents during Resident Council. Please Congratulate him on being our December Resident of the Month!