April Resident of the Month: Donnie Buckler


Donnie Buckler was born in St. Mary’s County on May 16, 1949. He grew up in the Great Mills area as a farm boy with plenty of brothers and sisters. Seven to be exact, including Miss Pat Gardiner, a previous resident of the month. He graduated Margaret Brant High School and, after schooling, started working at Copsley Oyster House.

Some of his work history includes plumbing, carpentry, and construction. Later on in life, Donnie began fixing up old pool tables, jukeboxes, pinball machines, and more. That soon developed into his hobby! Donnie says he really enjoys it here at Chesapeake Shores, and he loves the people here.

If he had to choose again, he would choose to live here.

Donnie was elected Resident of the Month by Residents during Resident Council. Please congratulate him on being our April Resident of the Month.