“My Goals”

Once I had a little dream,
All shiny, bright and new.
And for many years its seemed
That little dream just grew.

But other dreams came into play
And crowded out the one.
Many lasted but a day
And most were left undone.

Soon life became the only goal.
And dreams were left forgotten,
Just gettin’ by soon took its toll;
My dream chest lat a’rottin’.

I sat today and looked at life
The half-way point now reached.
It seems I have to catch my breath;
Did I practice what I preached?

How many years are left to me,
Before my song is sung?
And what will I accomplished see,
And what will be left undone?

And so I dusted of the dream,
And polished it anew.
And if God wills, it realized will be.
Before my life is through.

Author: Geri Hausler