July Resident of the Month: Louise Smith

Louise Rawley Smith was born on July 15, 1912, the third of eight children born to Imogene Kidd Rawley and James Brook Rawley. Her father worked as a cook and sometimes as a ‘watermen.’  Her mother was a  schoolteacher until the size of the family prevented her from continuing to teach. Her parents ‘ran a tight ship’ making sure their children were responsible citizens.

While in her teens she moved to Philadelphia with her eldest sibling, Isabel. She completed high school there and worked various jobs as a housekeeper, child care provider and caterer.

She was introduced by a relative to Edward L Smith who was impressed with her ladylike gentleness and her wonderful cooking skills. They married and had only one child, a daughter, Louise. Louise and her family resided inPhiladelphia until her husband retired from the Marine Corp as a civilian employee. He loved the Virginia area where Louise was born so much that he built a beautiful home there for their retirement. After her husband’s death, Louise maintained her five acre property immaculately and cut her own lawn until the age of 83 years at which time she returned toPhiladelphia to live with her daughter. In 1998, Louise’s  daughter retired from working as a discharge planning social worker and they both moved to Maryland.

In addition to being a wonderful baker (she was well-known for her lemon and strawberry roll cakes, chocolate cakes and cheesecakes), she enjoyed Saturday Afternoon at the Opera, a radio program. Her   favorite operas were Aida and Madame Butterfly. She also had a lovely singing voice and when younger wanted to sing professionally. She also appreciated good jazz music, pianist Frankie Carl, Lionel Hampton and Duke Ellington to name a few.

Only one of her siblings is living, Florence Rawley Holmes of Saluda, Virginia, who is 90 years of age and has been able to visit Louise at Chesapeake Shores on two occasions. They have also been able to keep in touch via cell phone.

Her grandsons, Gregory Blount of  White Plains, Maryland and Alexander Blount of Cham,Switzerland are great fans of their Grandmom, admiring the woman she is and visiting whenever possible.

Congratulations to Louise R. Smith upon reaching the age of 100 years. Louise Smith was elected as Resident of the Month by her peers here at Chesapeake Shores. Join us in congratulating her for being July’s Resident of the Month.