It’s Time to Defend Our Frontline Heroes – This Is Our Story

Throughout our ongoing battle and crusade against COVID-19, our healthcare sector has been attacked, and not just by the virus. Unfortunately, and quite egregiously, long-term care has become the maligned focus of media and other high profile, predatory platforms for negative stories, unbalanced reporting, targeted blame, and inflammatory finger-pointing. But here is a truth that is not being reported or spotlighted: there is a courageous story within our sector that includes heart, sacrifice, and outcomes that have saved thousands of lives. It is time to defend our long-term care heroes for answering the call to serve during COVID-19, and for saving thousands of lives while risking their own. Here are some facts to remember:

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Starting Spring at the Shores

The residents of Chesapeake Shores, hosted their annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children in their local community during Spring Break in March. Our residents look forward to this event each year and begin preparing after the first of the new year. Children, as well as the Spring season, provide a feeling of warmth and happiness!

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Intergenerational Programs


Chesapeake Shores Residents enjoyed a visit from the students at Bay Montessori School for a few games of Bingo. They both look forward to another visit in the near future!

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Congratulations Mr. & Mrs Roderick Gray

On October 27, 2017, Chesapeake Shores had the honor to host, plan and marry two of our Residents. Chaplain Pastor Bell preformed the ceremony in the company of all of their family, friends, staff and peers. Shayne and Rod requested to hold their wedding here at The Shores, “because this is home to them.”

Safe Trick or Treat at Chesapeake Shores

Trick-or-treating through the Shores! All the little ghouls and Goblins from the local community came out to Trick or Treat with the Residents at Chesapeake Shores! Some of our more adventurous visitors toured the terror-filled Haunted House!

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