A Creative Essay by Elaine Armstrong

To showcase one of our community member’s talents , here is an essay writen by Elaine Armstrong.


The place of wheels is a nursing home. The residents go around in wheel chairs. The beds are on wheels. The bed tables where one eats their meals are on wheels. The medicine carts move on wheels. The food is delivered to the rooms on caddies which run on wheels. The laundry is put into buckets on wheels, and returned all lovely and clean on racks which run on wheels.

The administrator and the staff arrive and leave in the cars which of course move on wheels. The grass outside is cut by a lawn mower which has four wheels. The exercise bicycle in the therapy room runs on wheels.

The ambulance which is called to carry the residents from the nursing home to the hospital and back runs on very fast wheels.

Wheels, wheels, oh wonderful WHEELS! We could never do without them.