Wheelchair Super Bowl 2014

It was a chilly winter afternoon at Chesapeake Shores, and the teams were fired up to win the championship. The green was freshly striped….. The National Anthem was respected, a quarter flipped and Chesapeake Snakes had the ball!! Boy were they a team! They worked together heard and strong to get the ball down the field, scoring the First touchdown! The next quarter was led by the Potomac Blue Crabs with pincers ready, many serious players, evasive moves and big smiles! After working their way down the field with a few interceptions, they were able to retrieve the ball back and score a touchdown!! The next half of the game was very intense, many interceptions and passes! The game was not over after the second half though; the teams had a tie and began into overtime. Threw the blood and sweat of it all, the Potomac Blue Crabs persevered ending the game in a challenging victory.