February 2013 Stakeholder of the Month: Bernard Banks

Bernard Banks was born October 1, 1959 to Mary and Isadore Banks of Loveville, Maryland. He grew up in a large family of nine sisters and two brothers, with lots of love. He attended both Catholic and public schools in St. Mary’s county, but left school during 11the grade. Bernard expressed that he had a plan though; he was going to get a job, buy a car and get the girls. He says he thought that if you had a car, you would get the girls, “I must have never got the right car because I never found the girls!” Later on he went to vocational school, Hartman Building Educational Center, to train to be an Electronics Engineer, unfortunately the program was cancelled. Bernard is a wonderful addition to ChesapeakeShores and a blessing to have here with us. He expresses his gratitude by saying “I would like to thank all those who thought about me, to pick me. To the residents, and staff I’m honored that you selected me, I am glad I make a difference in your lives.” Bernard was elected stakeholder of the month during resident council. Please congratulate Bernard for being our council elected February Stakeholder of the Month!