February 2013 Resident of the Month: Charlene Miles

Charlene Miles was born on March 2, 1957. She grew up in Leonardtown with her five sisters and one brother, Charlene was the second oldest with an older sister. Charlene and Clarence Miles had their first date at the movies and shortly later, Charlene and Clarence Miles married in 1976, he was 32 and she was 18 year at that time. Charlene remembers it being love at first sight; although they never had children she really did enjoy their life together. She reminisces about watching him play baseball on the diamond, for he enjoyed the game. She remembers working in Leonardtown for a short while, using typewriters and computers. She says she was primarily a housewife, and loves her husband very much every day, all day. Please congratulate Charlene Miles for being our council elected our February Resident of the Month!