Happy and Safe Holidays!

Let’s all try to stay healthy and happy this holiday season.  Some things to think about:

Wash your hands often.  Good hand hygiene is the most important step in avoiding getting sick or spreading germs to others.  Don’t forget to cover your cough or sneeze.  Sneeze into your elbow and not into your hands.

Get vaccinated.  If you have not received your flu shot this season, be sure to do so. Avoid being around others who are sick, or if you are sick, do not expose others to your sickness.

Handle and prepare food safely. Be sure to wash your hands and cooking surfaces frequently while preparing foods. Ensure that foods are cooked to proper temperatures and stored at proper temperatures.  Never leave perishable foods out for more than 2 hours.

Stay warm.  Dress warmly when going outside. Cold temperatures can cause health problems, especially among the elderly and very young.

Mange your stress. It is important to balance work, home and play during the holiday season.  Remember to get plenty of rest and not to over-extend yourself.

Prevent injuries. Always use step stool or ladder when putting up decorations.  Never stand on furniture.  Always have your children wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or skateboard.  If you are purchasing those items for your children be sure to buy a helmet too. Never leave burning candles unattended

Travel safely. You should always wear your seatbelt and ensure that your passengers wear theirs. Always make sure small children are in the appropriate sized safety seat. Children under 12 should always ride in the rear seat. Do not drink and drive.  If you are drinking be sure to have a designated driver.

Watch the kids. Keep an eye on your children while they are eating and playing.  Make sure that you purchase age appropriate toys for small children. They may put small pieces in their mouths causing them to choke. Some foods may also be choking hazards such as hard candies. Learn how to provide early intervention should your child choke on food or small toys.