Resident of the Month: Angelina Ciancio (June 2013)

Angelina Ciancio was born in Sicily, Italy. Angelina said that when she was growing up, “everyday she waited for her father to come home,” but at the young age of five, her father stopped returning. Her mother got her involved with the Catholic Church and she attended Catholic School until her teens. She stopped attending Catholic School at 16 years old, after she met her husband. She married at the age of 17. She always aspired to be a teacher, but money was tight at this time in her life. Germany and Italy were at war. She and her mother sewed clothes, and her husband was a suit tailor. Angelina said little by little, things got better. She traveled with her husband and two of her children to Americain her early 20s. After they arrived in in America, they expanded their family by two more. Her children were named Ciarmello, Josephine, Piro, and Maria. Her advice to everyone is to respect and love one another unconditionally. Angelina was elected Resident of the Month by her peers at Chesapeake Shores. She is very attentive to everyone’s needs and a very loving and caring individual. She is a wonderful addition to the Chesapeake Shores Community and loved by all. Please join us in congratulating Angelina in being our June Resident of the Month.