June Resident of the Month: Elaine Armstrong

Elaine Armstrong was born in Nairobi,Kenya located inEast Africa. Her parents were Matthew and Elaine Armstrong, originally from Scotland. Elaine’s father was a Quantity Surveyor, which was the one responsible for figuring the cost of structures to be built from start to finish.

Elaine has two sisters Fiona and Morag. Fiona lives in Arizona and will be visiting shortly in June; While Morag still lives in South Africa.

Elaine attended school at Loreto Convent through her entire academic career. Following graduation Elaine was accepted at Harrow Technical College, located in London, where she studied photography.

During her pre-graduate schooling Elaine traveled a tour of Europe, and at the age of 15 met her future husband Ray. She returned to her schooling in Africa, than moved to London from which she received her degree, later marrying Ray on February 8th 1969.  Elaine and Ray stayed in London for a short period where Elaine maintained a full time job at Park Studio and would independently photograph weddings every Saturday. They moved to Morocco in 1970. While in Morocco her husband Ray, a Maintenance Control Director converted an old building into a studio from which she continued her work. Elaine very much enjoyed her skill. She traveled all overMorocco taking landscape photos (and the occasional camel, she added). She also provided her services at weddings for those getting married on base and portraits for anyone wishing to have them.  They resided in Morocco for five year and in 1975 they moved to Bermuda. They settled in the United States in 1980 and purchased a house in Fort Washington. Elaine became a Real Estate agent while in the States, and began to ‘flip’ houses with her husband Ray. They would purchase houses, Elaine would work on the floors and cleaning while Ray repaired and painted. They would then sell the houses to make a profit.

Elaine has 2 children, Kelda and Matthew, and 5 grandchildren. Elaine enjoys spending her time playing bingo and scrabble along with completing jigsaw puzzles and reminiscing about traveling.

Elaine Armstrong was elected as Resident of the Month by her peers here at Chesapeake Shores.

Join us in congratulating her for being June’s Resident of the Month.