Resident of the Month: Danny Burch (May 2013)

Mr. Burch was born in Helen, Maryland to Louis and Mary Burch in his grandfather’s home. Mr. Burch has four brothers and one sister. He attended St. Joseph Catholic School through the eighth grade, and then attended Margaret Brent High School as far a the tenth grade. He joined the National Guard and was stationed in Leonardtown for four years. When he came home, he worked on farms, oyster and clam boats, and was also employed as a truck driver. He did all this while he  maintained a 20 acre tobacco farm. In 1958 he married Regina, whom helped on the boats and the farm. Mr. Burch and his wife have five children. His interests involve getting well, being around people, and chocolate ice cream. Mr. Burch likes to be social and help anybody anyway he can.

Mr. Burch was elected resident of the month by his peers here at Chesapeake Shores. Please join us in congratulating him for being our May Resident of the Month.