November 2013 – Resident of the Month – Virginia Roberts

Mrs. Virginia Roberts was born in Valle Crucis, North Carolina. Growing up in the area of Asheville, NC. After High School she began college in Collegedale, Tennessee to become a nurse. While in college she worked at Little Debbie Cookie Factory.  After graduation she started working as a private care nurse. The opportunity came for her to travel to California with a friend and her father, so Virginia seized the moment and moved with them. It was in California that she met her husband Leroy Roberts on Mare island (a peninsula about 23 miles from San Francisco) from which they also got married on. Her and her husband resided in California for about four years, but lived all over the United States with much time being remembered in the Washington District area. Her husband Leroy was in the navy so they traveled often. After marring Robert she had 3 children with him and later adopted another. She reminisces about being to all 50 States with her husband in their camper and playful shares her love for Disney World ( her all time    favorite trip). She remembers the time of being the personal nurse to the president of the democratic society, one of the times her husband was on travel, then becoming a nurse at Tacoma Park Hospital in a more permanent position. When her son had passed  unexpectedly she became the president of his business, a hydro seeding company. It was Virginia’s  daughter in law (a Nurse at Cedar Lane) that assisted her in finding an apartment at Cedar Lane. It was at Cedar Lanes Singles Club that her and Carol met, from which they moved in together and have been together for 5 years. Virginia and Carol where elected honorary Queen and King of the Tiki Bar in Solomon’s Island, Maryland a place they frequented . Forever more provided with free drinks at a private table. She proclaims “It is not what you know, but who you know.” Virginia is a very fun loving outgoing individual with a good heart. She was elected by her peers here at Chesapeake Shores for Resident of the Month.

Please join us in congratulating her on being resident elected November’s Resident of the Month!