September 2013 Stakeholder of the Month: Joseph Martinez

Joseph Martinez is the eldest son of Roberto Martinez and Natividad Burgos. He was born inSan Pablo,Laguna,Philippines. At a very early age, he was taught by his parents to be a good role model for his younger brothers, Christian and Gabriel. As a child, he always had an inclination in Science especially when it comes to animals. This paved the way for him to aspire in becoming a doctor. His parents convinced him to take Physical Therapy as his pre-med program. After high school, Joseph pursued a degree in Physical Therapy at the University of St. Thomas Aquinas. After five grueling years of college, he was able to earn his license in thePhilippines. Joseph is a family oriented person by nature. He decided to work in theUnited States as a therapist to support his family. By December 2009, he was able to pass his Maryland examination and was granted his license. Signature HealthCARE was generous to sponsor him as a therapist at Chesapeake Shores Nursing Home. Joseph loves working with both residents and staff. On his free time, Joseph loves to eat, watch movies, surf and play his bass guitar.